Core Values


Oddo Development believes we are more than just a team…we are family. We strive to build a positive team environment and foster a family spirit that extends beyond our employees, and acts as an extension for our residents, customers and the community we serve. We take responsibility for creating a work-life balance for ourselves and each other.


By providing opportunity, education, and encouraging individual spirit, we are able to foster an environment that allows our employees to continually grow personally and professionally. Recognizing that each personality is unique, we take pride in our team’s diverse qualities and encourage our employees to be true to their individual character. We commit to empowering employees to make decisions and take initiative.


Our team thrives off the energy that comes from going above and beyond expectations not only to provide a superior living experience, but also to provide exceptional customer service. To do this, we foster a caring and innovative environment that rewards passion and ingenuity.


We promote honesty, fairness and respect in our business practices. We recognize that listening is key to understanding our employees and customers. We foster open communication and mutual respect.


We believe each person has specific responsibilities and every role is critical to the success of our team. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and to do this, employees are encouraged to take ownership, initiative, and hold each other responsible for our actions and results.


We are committed to improving the communities in which we do business and strive to foster a spirit of belonging and unity. We feel a sense of responsibility and gratitude in serving our community and others.

Our Vision

Improving the Way We Live.

Our Mission

Create the best living experience possible through our dedication to superior service, individual pride and company spirit.